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China Huixiang Cultural Park
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Introduction to the scenic spot:

Zhonghua Huixiang Cultural Park is the only tourist scenic spot with the theme of Hui culture in China. The Huixiang Cultural Park is mainly built on the ancient Najiahu halal temple and the Hui nationality rich Najiahu village. The display of Islamic architectural culture, religious culture, ritual culture, food culture, farming and business culture is the best choice for visitors to experience the Hui style.

Attractions Distribution:

Zhonghua Huixiang Cultural Park is located in Najiahu Village, a famous hometown of the Hui people, which has the longest history and culture tradition. There are museums, golden etiquette halls, performing arts halls, and live performances. On Helan.

Scenic qualification:

national 4A level scenic spots

Scenic Spots:

Photography, Sightseeing, Leisure, Vacation, Ethnic Tour, Cultural Tour, Cultural Park, MuseumScenic tour map:

Travel Guide:

Cultural Park and the nearby Najiahu Mosque are places that must be visited in Yinchuan. It can be said that it is a boutique boutique, which is worth visiting. Free sari can be collected at the gate. When the lady enters the main hall, she still wears a scarf and does not allow her arms to be exposed. Otherwise, she must wear a robe to cover it. In the Hui people's residences, you can taste Babao tea (also known as “three teas”), which is a traditional drink for Hui and Dongxiang people living on the ancient Silk Road. There are free lecturers in the museum, and the explanation is faster. The audience can visit it first and then listen to the detailed explanation.

Best time to visit:

year round

Shopping recommendation:

Gourmet: Traditional dishes of Hui nationality can be tasted in Mansour Palace.Scenic tour map:

Scenic location:

中国>Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region>Yinchuan City> Yongning County

Arrival method:

1. Yinchuan South Gate can take the 302 bus terminal, 50 minutes, the cost is 2 yuan. 2. Yinchuan Railway Station takes bus No. 1 to Yinchuan South Gate, and then takes the 302 bus terminal from the south gate. 3. Self-driving: Self-driving tourists from other places can get off the expressway from the Yongning exit of Beijing-Tibet Expressway to reach the scenic spot.

Cultural Park Ticket Price:

Adult Visit Ticket: 60 yuan/person, including the main gate, Hui Museum, Golden Etiquette Hall, folk dance village Aisha Art Troupe Hui dance performance, Chinese Hui First Street, free explanation of the lecturer. On the month of Helan A: 120 yuan / person

Scenic opening hours:

Summer 8:00-20:00 Winter 8:00-18:30

Scenic phone:

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