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Ningxia Binggou
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Brief introduction of the scenic spot:

Ningxia Binggou Tourist Area takes the theme of Han Tomb culture as the theme, and forms one of the famous scenic spots of Ningxia special tourist tour of “Wang Tomb in the West and Han Tomb in the East”. The Shendao stone carvings in the scenic area are vivid, the Han cemetery palace is mysterious and quiet, the desert smoke is against the blue sky, and the Yellow River is shining. It is a tourist attraction integrating Qin and Han culture, Yellow River civilization, scenery outside the theater and film and television base.

Attractions Distribution:

The Binggou Tourist Area has five major landscapes to be missed, the Huaihuan ruins, the Han Tombs, the Yellow River, the desert, and the Grand Canyon. In addition, the beacon tower standing in the desert, the canyon water that passes through the desert, the altar in the city, and the film and television city are also quite interesting.

Scenic spot qualification:

National 2A level scenic spot

Scenic Spots:

Sightseeing, Adventure, History, Monuments, Ancient Tombs, Monuments, Desert

Tour route:


Best time to visit:

5-10 months

Shopping recommendation:

(local specialty) Helan stone, medlar, licorice, beach sheepskin, hair dish. (Specialty food) Hui people cover bowl of tea, pasta, bean sugar, melon sugar, steamed lamb, and mutton.

Scenic location:

中国>Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region>Yinchuan City>Helan County

Arrival method:

Getting there: Take the 10th road in the city, get off at Tonggui, then take a taxi or transfer to local transportation. Self-driving route: From Yinchuan, follow Qingyin Expressway, turn right at the airport/Lingwu/Linhe direction; enter Yinxi Highway, exit at Linhe/Ganlu Temple/Shuidonggou/Huangshagudu exit, follow S203 can.

Soldiers ticket price:

60 yuan / person

Scenic official website:


Scenic phone:

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