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Ningxia Huangsha Gudu original ecology
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Introduction to the scenic spot:

Huangsha Guduyuan Ecological Tourism Scenic Spot is one of the best ecological leisure tourist destinations in China, one of the eight scenic spots in Ningxia in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Huangsha Ancient Ferry is an ancient Yellow River ferry. The Ming Dynasty King Jing Zhu's poem "Huangsha Ancient Ferry" describes the magnificent scenery here, and also expounds the important position of Huangsha Gudu in transportation. Here, people can see the legendary beauty of the ancient ferry crossing of the Kangxi Emperor crossing the Yellow River, the Zhaojun exiting, and the Crescent Lake in the desert. The scenery of the desert, the ancient rhyme of the Yellow River, the natural wetlands, and the beautiful scenery of the Yellow River and the long river are even more Stunning, it is a good place for the original ecological self-help tour; thrilling entertainment projects have everything, is the most fun place in Ningxia.

Attractions Distribution:

Huangsha Gudu is located in Yueya Lake, Xingqing District, Yinchuan City, 52 kilometers away from Yinchuan City, with a planned area of ​​32.3 square kilometers. The whole scenic spot is composed of the gateway area, desert wildlife viewing area, Yellow River Wetland Park, Huanghe Gudu, Yueya Lake, Huanghe Ancient Town and other areas. The history and culture of Huangsha Gudu was deeply excavated, and the Yellow River Festival, Huangshazui and Ninghe were restored. Taiwan, Guanritai, Qiwangjing, Huanglongzhenhe, Gudukou, Huanghe Fishing Village, Huanghe Ancient Town, Gudu Renjia, Huangsha Gudu Yellow River Building, Yuhuai Barrier, Ludang Snow, Yellow River People, Gudu, Huanghe Town, Desert The lonely yellow river, the beacon tower, the time to operate the pavilion, the Hengcheng ancient ferry, the Hengchengdu Yellow River, the Zhuxi patrol, the Kangxidu Yellow River, the Yellow River ancient rhyme, the Zhaojun exit and the pro-sculpt and other historical sites; restored the desert camel, Mobei camp, Old sheepfold, Erdaodun, Yellow River Trail, and old wilderness outside Saihe River.

Scenic qualification:

national 4A level scenic spots

Scenic Spots:

Leisure, entertainment, historical culture, monuments, rivers, wetlands

Best time to visit:


Shopping recommendation:

沙画, Ningxia folk inherited heirs paper-cutting, various paintings prepared with wetland park reeds, etc.

Scenic location:

中国>Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region>Yinchuan City>Xingqing District

Arrival mode:

13路中巴: The entrance of Boai Hospital of Yinchuan City (starting at 7:00 in the first class, every 30 minutes), passing through the Great Solidarity Square, getting off at Huangsha Gudu (Yellow River) to Yinchuan South Bus Station : Yinchuan to Taole's first class at 9:00, the latest return: 17:30 (every 40 minutes) Self-driving route: 1, Yinchuan departure → Dajie Square → Oil City → Zhangzheng Town → Mingcui Lake →Yellow River Second Bridge→203 Provincial Highway to the North→Longquan Mountain Villa→Binggou Han Tomb→Huangsha Gudu (Yueya Lake) 2, Yinchuan Departure→Yingu Expressway→Yellow River Bridge→Jinshui Garden→203 Provincial Road to the North→Longquan Villa →Binggou Han Tomb→Huangsha Gudu (Yueya Lake)3, Dawukou→Pinglu→Pingtao Yellow River Bridge→203 Provincial Highway to the South→Gaoren Town→Huangsha Gudu (Yueya Lake)4, Huizuo District, Shizuishan City →Shizuishan Yellow River Bridge→203 Provincial Highway to the south→Tao Le Town→Gaoren Town→Huangsha Gudu (Yueya Lake)5, Wuzhong City→Lingwu City→Wangyuan Town→Yongning County→Yinchuan City→Yingu Expressway→Yellow River Bridge→Jinshuiyuan→203 Provincial Highway to the north→Longquan Villa→Binggou Han Tomb→Huangsha Ancient Ferry (month Lake)

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