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Ningxia Shuidonggou
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Introduction to the scenic spot:

Ningxia Shuidonggou Tourist Area is a holy place for humanity to flourish 30,000 years ago. It is the earliest discovered Paleolithic cultural relics in China. It is known as the “the birthplace of Chinese prehistoric archaeology” and the exchange of Chinese and Western cultures. History witnesses."

Scenic Spots:

Shuidonggou Ancient Human Culture Site is located in Shuidonggou Village, Linhe Town, Lingwu City, Ningxia. It covers an area of ​​7.8 square kilometers and was discovered here by the French paleontologists De Rijin and Sang Zhihua in 1923. The Shuidonggou site is the earliest excavated Paleolithic cultural site in China. More than 30,000 pieces of stoneware and 67 ancient animal fossils have been unearthed here. It records the ancient human survival picture 30,000 years ago. It is the understanding of Chinese prehistoric culture. An important basis for the lifestyle and environmental characteristics of the "Shuidonggou" people in ancient times.

Scenic Spot Qualification:

National 5A Level Scenic Area, National Geological Park, National Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit

Scenic Spots:

Ethnic Tour, Cultural Tour, Monumental Tour, Historical Tour, Historic Site, MuseumScenic tour map:

Travel Guide:

Play: Camel 20 yuan / person, traffic ticket 35 yuan / person (luxury cruise, carriage, camel), bungee jumping 20 yuan / person, 2 yuan per shot of gas (minimum 5 rounds each time) , Archery 10 yuan a (10 per), karting 30 yuan / person, fish market price.

Tour route:

3.5 hours Route: Gate → Shuidonggou Stoneware Square→ Shuidonggou Ruins Museum→Zhangsan Xiaodian→Shuidonggou Village→Sign Monument→1#2#Excavation Point→Mountain Temple→General House邸→ Ming Great Wall→7#Excavation Site→Hongshan Lake→Shazao Bay→Hongliutan→Grand Canyon→Tibetan Cave→Ningxia Great Wall Museum→Hongshan Fort→Yucheng→East Gate

Best time to visit:


Shopping recommendation:

Food: scallions, sand mustard, bitter vegetables, wild pheasant, Shuidonggou saltwater fish, shredded chicken, stuffed mutton, yellow river squid and so on.Scenic tour map:

Scenic location:

中国>Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region>Yinchuan City>Lingwu City

Arrival method:

Bus: Yinchuan North Gate Tourist Bus Station every 15 minutes, the price is 10 yuan; Yinchuan Guangming Square, Gulou Hotel Shuidonggou Tourism Express. Self-driving: Depart from Yinchuan→Dalian Square→ Yinqing Expressway→Yellow River Bridge to the east→Yingqing Expressway→Shuidonggou

Shuidonggou ticket price:

Shuidonggou: 60 yuan / person Tibetan soldiers hole: 30 yuan / person package: 96 yuan / person in the museum dynamic real experience: 10 yuan / person East Gate to South Gate sightseeing car: 10 Yuan / person

Scenic opening hours:


Scenic official website:


Scenic service:

Free project in the scenic area: Take the battery car, explain the whole process of the scenic spot, visit the ancient human ruins of Shuidonggou, “Zhangsanxiaodian”, Shuidonggou Village, ancient human life corridor, Ming Great Wall ruins, Ming Dynasty Red Mountain 19 scenic spots such as Fort, Hongshan Fort Grand Canyon, and pick up by bus.

Scenic phone:

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