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Ningxia Suyukou National Forest Park
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Introduction to the scenic spot:

Suqinkou National Forest Park is a famous eco-tourism scenic spot in Ningxia. The park is surrounded by mountains and forests. It has rich natural scenery and unique human landscape. It is an eco-tourism resort integrating sightseeing and sightseeing. .


Suqinkou National Forest Park is located in Helan Mountain National Nature Reserve, 50 kilometers northwest of Yinchuan City, the capital of Ningxia. It covers an area of ​​9,300 hectares. The mountain is full of mountains and canyons with steep vegetation and 70% vegetation coverage. There are cherry valley scenic spots, Qingsongling to enjoy the natural scenery, Helan Mountain Museum, the two towers of the worship temple, the "Lingguang" scenic spot, etc., which have a long history of religion and history. There are also ropeways and ski resorts for tourists to entertain. An eco-tourism resort with both natural and human history.

Scenic Spot Qualification:

National 4A Level Scenic Area, National Forest Park

Scenic Spots:

Cultural Tour, Photography, Sightseeing, History Tour, Religious Tour, Cableway, Museum, Monuments, Rock Paintings, ForestsScenic tour map:

Travel Guide:

The park not only can see the charming night and sunrise of Helan Mountain, but also can see the running red deer, the jumping rock sheep, the playful Lan Ma chicken and other nationally protected wild animals. If you are visiting in winter, you can also experience the large ski resort here. The pre-function area of ​​the park can sign up for outdoor traversal, including multiple routes such as the original jungle and desert, and is led by a professional guide. Expand the training area to experience projects such as wooden bridges, ladders, and rock climbing. In the summer, there will also be camping events, summer camps and other activities.

Tour route:

Line 1: Helan Mountain Museum→Sanqingguan→Lingguang Temple→Songtao Mountain Villa (by cableway)→Qingsongling (sand bridge roundtrip)→Century Tower→Biongerkeng→Cherry Valley Line 2: Helan Mountain Museum→Sanqing View→Lingguang Temple→Cherry Valley→Bird Pit→Century Tower→ Qingsongling (Shuqiao Round Trip)→ Songtao Villa

Best time to visit:

Spring, Summer

Shopping recommendation:

Specialty: Helan Mountain Purple Mushroom; 鲤, 鲢, 鳙, 鲩, 鲫, and the rare Wuchang fish in the north.Scenic tour map:

Scenic location:

中国>Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region>Yinchuan City>Helan County

Arrival method:

Bus route: Yinchuan Xinyue Square takes the 2nd road to the scenic spot, the departure time is 08:30 and 09:30. Self-driving route: Take the Yinchuan Ring Expressway in the city, head toward Shizuishan/Video City/G110; transfer to Wenyin Road overpass to Shiyin Expressway, pass Zhenlu Road→G110→Zhensu Road.

Su Shikou Ticket Price:

Wang Ji (April 1 to October 30): 60 yuan for adults and 30 yuan for student cards; 20% discount for holding Yinchuan Wanqian Department Store Card and China Unicom Gold and Silver Card. Up to five people. Low season (November 1 to March 30): 40 yuan for adults and 30 yuan for student cards. Ski resort: Tickets are 10 yuan, skiing is 50 yuan an hour on weekdays, and 80 yuan an hour on weekends. Sunshine cableway: 30 yuan / person, round trip 50 yuan / person.

Scenic opening hours:


Scenic official website:


Scenic Area Service:

Accommodation: Sujingkou National Forest Park has built and renovated 3 “Songtao Villa” hotels integrating catering, accommodation and entertainment, which can accommodate 400 people for dinner. Watching the sunrise, sun shining, listening to Songtao, enjoy the extraordinary. Gourmet: sweet and sour yellow river squid, Zhongwei pigeon fish, squid palm, steamed lamb, haggis, beef and mutton, hand-caught lamb, lamb simmer, oily, halal cream pastry, horse three white chicken, and money, Flavored dishes such as lamb.

Scenic phone:



1. Please consciously deposit fireworks, no smoking in the forest area, use of open flames, and overnight stay in the wild. 2. Please follow the designated route, do not enter the non-designated area or climb freely. 3. Do not litter, climb flowers and trees, damage public facilities, interfere with or damage the habitat of wildlife. 4. Please take care of the elderly and children accompanying you. Do not stay in the dangerous area, chase and play, do not abandon stones and sundries in the high place, do not enter the ravine canyon in the rainy days.
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