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Yinchuan Crescent Square
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Introduction to the scenic spot:

Yinchuan Xinyue Plaza is full of unique and rich Islamic culture. It is a beautiful national characteristic landscape in the center of Yinchuan. It is also the first landscape square in Ningxia to show Islamic culture. With its unique Chinese-Arab mosque architecture, Islamic cultural corridors, copper soup bottles and Muslim residential areas, the square expresses the enthusiasm, justice and loyalty of the returning people, fully demonstrating Yinchuan and Ningxia. The connotation of the entire Muslim nation is one of the best platforms for visitors to understand the local culture.

Attractions Distribution:

Xinyue Plaza is located at the junction of Lijing Street and Shanghai Road in Yinchuan City, covering an area of ​​50,300 square meters. It is known as the “city of the city” and the “most distinctive city card” urban theme. Sculpture is the most important landscape. The Muslim style in the square is quite colorful. The soup bottle sculpture, the Islamic culture corridor, the flower pond and the East Gate halal temple are all beautifully reflected. The 10 historical sculptures of Ningxia, 10 historical figures of Hui nationality and 3 historical events of Ningxia are carefully selected. Sculpture is the most unmissable sight in Crescent Square. Whether you are sitting or passing by, it is worth visiting.

Scenic Spots:

Sightseeing, leisure, culture, exotic customs, celebrity sculpture, religion, wetlands

Travel Guide:

Every week, and three major religious festivals, tens of thousands of Muslims will gather in the mosque next to the square to hold a grand gathering.

Tour route:

Yinchuan City Tour: Drum Tower → Yuhuangge → Nanguan Qingzheng Temple → Chengtian Temple Tower → Haibao Tower → Yuehai Park → Ningxia Museum → Yinchuan Forest Park → Zhonghua Huixiang Cultural Park

Best time to visit:

All seasons

Shopping recommendation:

(local shopping) Ningxia Wubao → 枸杞, licorice, Helan stone, beach sheepskin, hair dish, Zhongning round date, Yinchuan bitter, thyme. (Specialty food) Hui people cover bowl of tea, pasta, bean sugar, melon sugar, mutton sheep, hand-caught lamb, cloves, elbow, stuffed skin.

Scenic location:

中国>Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region>Yinchuan City>Xingqing District> Lijing Street

Arrival method:

Yinchuan: Local tourists can take the train and plane to Yinchuan directly; the train station can take 30 roads and the 2nd road can be directly reached. Bus route: You can take bus No. 28, No. 30, No. 40 and No. 2 to the square in the city; or take bus No. 8 and No. 34 to Jinjiang Star. Self-driving route: After the high speed, go along Yingu Road → Lijing South Street→ Lijing North Street, and the square is on the west side of North Street.

New Moon Plaza Ticket Price:


Scenic opening hours:

all day


1. When visiting the square, do not damage the sculpture, step on the lawn, etc. 2. Yinchuan has four distinct seasons, dry, windy and sandy. Female tourists can prepare a scarf.
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