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Yinchuan Helan Mountain Rolling Bell
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Introduction to the scenic spot:

Yinchuan Helan Mountain is rolling in the bell mouth, the mountains are undulating, the rocks are steep, the trees are lush, and the beauty is beautiful. The ancient one is one of the heroes of Helan Mountain. The rolling bells of Shanmei, Shumei and Shuimei, the Ming Dynasty poet Wang Xun also praised and added, is the most famous summer resort and tourist attraction in Ningxia.


The bell tower is dominated by steep mountains and ancient monuments such as Helan Temple built in the mountains, including Bijiashan, Muminshan, Mingguangshan, Helan Temple, Xinglong Temple, Qingxin Cave and many other landscapes. . There are many pavilions and pavilions in the scenic area, the natural scenery is beautiful, and the flora and fauna resources are abundant, so that the tourists who come here will never forget.

Scenic spot qualification:

National 2A level scenic spot

Scenic Spots:

Mountaineering, Adventure, Trekking, Visiting Ancient, Blessing Buddha, Summer Resort, Religion, Monuments, Mountains, Forests

Best time to visit:

5-10 months

Shopping recommendation:

(local specialties) Helan stone, medlar, licorice, beach sheepskin, hair dish, Yinchuan bitter, thyme. (Specialty food) Hui people cover bowl of tea, pasta, bean sugar, melon sugar, steamed lamb, and mutton.

Scenic location:

China>Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region>Yinchuan City> Xixia District

Arrival method:

Getting there: Take the ski line 1 at Yinchuan Xinyue Square and get off at the rolling bell. Self-driving route: From Yinchuan, pass Helanshan Middle Road → Helanshan West Road → X103.

Helan Mountain Rolling Bell Ticket Price:

30 yuan / person, college student voucher 20 yuan, 15 yuan for primary and middle school students, free of charge for seniors.

Scenic opening hours:


Scenic phone:

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