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Yinchuan Longchi
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Introduction to the scenic spot:

Yinchuan Longchi, a rare lotus flower viewing area in Yinchuan city. In the winding river, the lotus flower gradually extended, like wearing a gorgeous skirt, making the whole park particularly charming. In the meantime, the pavilions, steps, and green trees reflect each other, showing the finishing touch. During the midsummer, a large number of people come to enjoy the park, and many photographers have set this place as the best place to shoot.

Attractions Distribution:

Longchi is located near Fenghuang South Street and is part of Tanggu Park. Surrounded by green trees on both sides of the river, the park is high and low, and the environment is elegant. In Hanoi, the plants are planted with water and grass, fresh and cool. Especially in July and August, the large lotus flowers in the lotus pond were in full bloom, and a natural landscape painting, the aroma of the lotus flower came from the nose. Whether it is a small walk or a walk, it is a good choice.

Scenic Spots:

Leisure, walking, flower viewing, photography, lotus, river

Travel guide:

1, Yinchuan rewards the best: Tang Yi Park, Zhongshan Park, Baohu Park, Yuehai Park, Ming Cui Lake and so on. 2. Visitors can walk along the river in Tanggu Park, which is a nice scenery.

Best time to visit:

All seasons

Scenic location:

中国>Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region>Yinchuan City>Xingqing District

Arrival method:

Bus route: 20, 35 to get off at Longchi Swimming Pool; 20, 25 inner ring, 25 outer ring, 35 to Phoenix South Street; 16 and 17 18 Road, 22 Road, 25 Road Inner Ring Road, 25 Road Outer Ring Road, 41 Road, 101 Road, 102 Road, Tourism 2 Road, Tourism 5 Road, get off at Tanggu North Gate. Self-driving route: Take the Phoenix South Street, Beijing Middle/East Road, and Nanxun West Street.

Yinchuan Longchi Ticket Price:


Scenic opening hours:

all day
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