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Yinchuan Pedestrian Street
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Introduction to the scenic spot:

Yinchuan Pedestrian Street is known as the “small Shanghai” and is the most popular shopping street for local citizens and tourists. In the street, there is not only the first old-fashioned department store in Yinchuan, but also the emerging trend shopping center. In this most prosperous prime location, dining, leisure, shopping, and sightseeing are just some of the most popular core places in Yinchuan.


Yinchuan Pedestrian Street is located in Gulou South Street, from Yinchuan Drum Tower in the north to Yinchuan Mall North Gate in the south, bringing together 12 large shopping malls including Xinhua Department Store, Ningxia Hualian Commercial Building, Xinhua Shopping Center and Lihua Non-staple Food Chain Corporation. A variety of gourmet restaurants, hotels and hotels. In the pedestrian street, there are representative local specialties in Ningxia, as well as clothing and other common clothing in the metropolis, which can meet the needs of consumers at different levels. There are also many humanities sculptures in the street, allowing visitors to cultivate their sentiments in addition to shopping.

Scenic Spots:

Leisure, shopping, food, folk culture, pedestrian street, sculpture

Travel Guide:

After visiting the Drum Tower, you can walk to the pedestrian street along the south side of Gulou South Street. It is very close. Enter the pedestrian street from the Gulou junction and walk to Yinchuan Mall, you can go to Nanfu East Street, the famous Nanmen Building is on this street.

Best time to visit:

All seasons

Shopping recommendation:

(shopping place) Yinchuan Xinhua Department Store, Yinchuan Xinhua Department Store, Yinchuan Department Store, Yinchuan Mall, various brand stores, etc. (Gourmet place), Xuan De Yue Lou, Pizza Hut, Dicos, Dames, Drum Tower Hotel, etc.

Scenic location:

中国>Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region>Yinchuan City>Xingqing District

Arrival method:

Getting there: Take the 1st, 11th, 12th, 29th, and 34th roads to get off at the Drum Tower; 17th, 25th inner ring, 25th outer ring, 27th, 32nd, 33, 106, 201 to Xiahua Department Store, 19, 102, brt1 to the mall to get off. Self-driving route: You can walk to Jiefang East Street and Xinhua East Street to the intersection of Gulou South Street; take Nanfang East Street to the intersection of Market Lane and Caishi Lane.

Yinchuan Pedestrian Street Ticket Price:

No Tickets

Scenic opening hours:

all day
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