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Yinchuan Phoenix Monument
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Introduction to the scenic spot:

Yinchuan Phoenix Monument, a monument built for national unity, is the landmark of Yinchuan, the “Phoenix City”. The Phoenix Monument stands quietly under the blue sky. Peace, tranquility and beauty symbolize the unity, friendship and happiness of Yinchuan Hui and Han people. Whether it is day or night, the Phoenix Monument is like a Yinchuan people with open arms, welcomes every guest who comes from afar, and also shows the beauty of the city to people in all directions.

Attractions Distribution:

Phoenix Monument is located in the center of Cross Street in Ximenkou. It was built on the foundation of Ximen City Tower in 1984. The monument is about 20 meters high and the two columns are hollow, like a long and narrow arch. At the top of the arch is a stainless steel cast phoenix and two female statues, which are vivid and elegant.

Scenic Spots:

Leisure, Sightseeing, Photography, Sculpture, Landmarks

Travel Guide:

Along the Jiefang West Street, you can also see Yinchuan's famous landmark Drum Tower and Yuhuang Pavilion.

Best time to visit:

All seasons

Shopping recommendation:

(shopping) Ningxia Wubao → 枸杞, licorice, Helan stone, beach sheepskin, hair dish, Zhongning round date. (Gourmet) Hand-caught lamb, mutton chop, cloves, elbow, stuffed skin, pasta, sheep's hooves, barbecue.

Scenic location:

中国>Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region>Yinchuan City>Xingqing District

Arrival method:

Bus route: 1 road, 11 road, 12 road, 13 road, 33 road, 34 road, 42 road, 49 road, 105 road, 106 road, 501 road, you can get off at Ximen; 17 Road, 20 Road, 33 Road, 35 Road, 102 Road, 501 Road, get off at Ximen South. Self-driving route: Take the Jiefang West Street, Phoenix South/North Street, and cross at the intersection of the two roads.

Yinchuan Phoenix Monument Ticket Price:

No Tickets

Scenic opening hours:

all day
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