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Yinchuan Yellow River Military Culture Expo Park
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Introduction to the scenic spot:

Yinchuan Yellow River Military Culture Expo Park is a unique military-themed cultural tourism scenic spot in the northwest and a domestic military theme cultural creation base. The scenic area integrates military expo, theme commemoration, national defense education, outreach training, interactive experience, vacation and leisure, and creates an innovative education base for national defense and quality education for primary and secondary school students, as well as in-depth experience of military and military life for domestic and foreign tourists. In particular, the theme park of the Navy sailors living and feeling the charm of military culture.

Attractions Distribution:

The Yellow River Military Culture Expo Park is located in the east of the Yellow River Flood Control Line in Yinchuan Binhe New District, with a planned total construction area of ​​258 hectares. The main landscape of the park includes Yinchuan Ship, Yinchuan Ship Memorial Hall, China Military Culture Exhibition Hall, International Defence Center, Curved Landscape Restaurant, Main Square and Wubei Exhibition. More attractions will be opened for visitors in the future.

Scenic qualification:

national 4A level scenic spots

Scenic Spots:

History and Culture, Patriotic Education, Cultural Park

Tour route:

1. Take a sightseeing boat: Gate → Peace Square → Peace Square Pier (by boat) → Yinchuan Ship Terminal → Yinchuan Ship → Yinchuan Ship Memorial Hall → Yinchuan Ship Terminal (by boat) → Peace Square Pier → Peace Square →Walk to the weapon and equipment display area→The gate 2. Take the sightseeing bus: Damenkou→Peace Square→Peace Square ride point→Yinchuan Ship Square→Yinchuan Ship→Yinchuan Ship Memorial Hall→Yinchuan Ship Square Tour Point→Weapon Equipment Display Area →Peace Square ride point → Damenkou 3. Walk: Gate → Peace Square → Neihuan Lake Road on the left side of Peace Square → Yinchuan Ship → Yinchuan Ship Memorial Hall → along the right side of Yinchuan Ship Square → Weapon Equipment Exhibition Area → Peace Square →The gate

Best time to visit:


Scenic location:

中国>Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region>Yinchuan City>Xingqing District

Arrival mode:

You 6 road directly to Yinchuan Ring Expressway → Qingyin Expressway → 203 Provincial Road

Yellow River Military Wenbo Park Ticket Price:


Scenic opening hours:


Scenic phone:

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